MelodySusie Deluxe High Polished Nail Nippers Stainless

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MelodySusie - Setting Your Own Salon At Home! Let Beauty Become Simple!

Product Highlights:
The deluxe nail nippers by MelodySusie is an instrument of high caliber. The handles are easily held and can be comfortably squeezed without any pain. The full jaw design of the nippers leave nails looking clean, without any breaks or cracks in the nails. The sharpened blades of the nippers make cutting nails easy and the curve of the blade follow along the natural lines of the nail. Forged out of hard high carbon steel and plated with nickel for added durability and resistance to corrosion, these nail nippers are made to last.

How to Use:
Cut hangnails. Push back cuticle and cut dead skin working around the nail. Do not use on acrylic nails.

4 step care :
1. After using, remove all dust and glue with Acetone
2. Dip only 1/4 of cutting jaw into the sterilization liquid
3. Sanitize and clean after each use and especially on different clients
4. Put the lid on to protect the nipper and for the safety of other users

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